Rollercoin Season 2 Honest Review & Updates

The good, bad & ugly of Season 2 of Rollercoin

Kate Soon


2 more weeks before Season 2 ends. TBH. I hesitated publishing this post due to many reasons, season 2 started off pretty nasty, haha. I didn’t like it when it started but now I am fine with it. You can continue to read if you are interested on why. This time around, I will write this review based on different prespective.

If you are new here, RollerCoin is a free mining simulator game which you can mine real coins such as bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), Doge & now in season 2, they just introduce Binance Coin (BNB). You can play this game without commitments of real cash.

Okay let’s focus more on review of Season 2

The Good

The team has throw more free items for us (the players) to obtain & they introduce BNB which is good coin (IMO) to mine.

And they just introduced task wall few days ago. 😏 it is good for anyone who wishes to earn RLT which you can use it to buy miners later. The highest paid task is 48 RLT (rollercoin currency) but unfortunately I am not interested in such but maybe it suits you. Therefore do take a look first if this option is able to kick start your Rollercoin game

rollercoin — task wall
Sample of the task wall

The Bad

The weekly tasks have restriction — they require us to play specific 4 games & THESE GAMES ARE NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY -.- It is extremely hard to play on mobile phone. And they are very time consuming.

At first, they require us to complete 80 games for each game; which is ridicious. You can check the annoucement here However, they have made the changes — they reduce the number to 40 games which I notice them on week 2. (week 1 started on weekend). But I did not see any annoucement for this.
Gamers’ Point of View: Who the hell restrict the type of games to play, we should play what we like to play 😡 & we cant play most of the games on mobile phone (web based). How are we going to enjoy the game?



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