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Rollercoin Mining Game Review| Earn BTCs, ETHs, DOGEs | Tips

Learn how to play rollercoin for free while mining BTCs, ETHs, DOGEs for free

Kate Soon
5 min readAug 2, 2021


RollerCoin is an online cryptocurrency mining simulator game. The core idea of the game is the distribution of block rewards between players depending on their mining power — just like with real crypto mining. But in this game, you are rewarded with real cryptos. The purpose & objective of this review is to help you to kickstart the game and become a strategist with this game :)

In Rollercoin there are two ways to earn or “mine” bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies:

1. Buy mining equipment to mine. The equipment is virtual, but you can mine real cryptocurrencies.

2. Play mini-games, in which you can earn mining power for 24 to 168 hours. (Investment Free)

Currently, you can mine 3 different cryptocurrencies: BTC, Dogecoin, and ETH. Additionally, you can mine RollerTokens (RLT), an ERC-20 token that functions as the game’s native currency.

How much can I earn?

If you choose not to re-invest and cash out whenever you can, your income will be low. This is just a rough estimation — If you play everyday for an hour or so, maybe you can earn somewhere between $1 to $10 a month. On the other hand, if you plan & strategize your game, without investing your cash into the miners, you can earn more in the long run. Sounds good to join? You can start the game by joining here. Earn 1000 FREE Satoshi just for signing up!

If you want to mine without any real cash

This portion will be very important to you. You must take note of the following

  • Your PC
  • Your Power (aka Hashrate)/Playing the mini-games

Types of PC

There are currently 4 versions of a computer:

  1. Amstrad CPC 6128 (you start with this) has a power holding of 1 day
  2. RC7823 has a power holding of 3 days and it’s achievable through winning 10 games
  3. Roller-Predator3000 has a…



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