Honest Review of RollerCoin, Online mining game| Should I play it?

Review of playing RollerCoin for 30 days. And I did successfully mined some coins :) Included some tips on where you should focus on the games

Kate Soon


Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. If you remember one of my previous post, I am here back to give an update of it. However do take note this review is slightly a little more than 30 days, I was quite busy due to my birthday which happened last week.

Before I go into my finding, let us congrats to everyone who has been playing RollerCoin. Last week, the team has announced that total of 20 BTC has mined out of Rollercoin since 2018, what a great accomplishment. If you are interested to join the game, I welcome you to join the game with me, you can join here and you can earn 1000 FREE Satoshi for using my link.

So let’s get back to the finding.

Finding based from the whole Experiement:

1. By playing 30 games daily, mainly on Dr. Hamster

  • If your PC level 3, the max hash rate / power you may obtain is around 170 TH/S is
  • If you PC level 4, the max averagehash rate / power you may obtain is 240 to 279 TH/S

Conclusion: PC level really matters. However if you play purely just 30 games daily, you will not be able to reach PC level 4.
PC level 4 requires you to win 60 games within 24 hours. I had totally overlooked this. So only at 3 Sep, then I am officially on PC level 4.
It was just coincidence I couldn’t play much on 2 sep hahaha.

Tip for the game: focus on PC level 4 first

You can check out my second account, to look at the hash rate/ power if you are interested. if you see there is a huge spurge of hashrate / power, it is due to the bonus of…



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